Friday, November 5, 2010

Scaredy cats

Why is it that Democrats have absolutely no balls? They remind me of the dorky kids in high school who are constantly bullied by the jocks but can never find the testicular fortitude to band together, use their resources and fight back. At the moment, Obama has the bully pulpit and in a lame duck session, Congress could still push through the bills they have been meaning to, but will they? No. Instead like an abused animal, they'll crawl behind the nearest place they can hide and piss on the floor.

Rather than take credit for the things they've done, they allow the opposition to mis-characterize it and then run from their own accomplishments. Sure, the health care and finance reform bills weren't perfect but at least take pride that something was done, even if it still needs some work. I was watching TV last night and Michael Moore was on doing an interview with MSNBC. He pretty much summed up what I felt when it comes to Republicans in politics. I don't like most of them but you have to admire their balls and complete brazenness when it comes political tactics. Already they have begun to back away from their promised spending cuts stating that it will take a long time, not a couple years. Democrats, if they had any savvy, would have already jumped on that, but will they? Not likely.


  1. Have you stopped to think that maybe they were not as proud of their "accomplishments" as you say? Many Democrats are avoiding Pelosi like the plague. Even more are voicing their lack of support and even worse voicing outright opposition. Having a set of ideals is one thing but you must also have realistic expectations. I do not see a sweep of Republican ideas coming. Not at all. I am seeing a repeat of 1994 with a follow up of a repeat of 1996 when Clinton was reelected. Why? Because the Scaredy Cats on the Republican side are talking stupid stuff like they do not realize that we are fed up with their Establishment bull crap. Seriously, the Tea Party is not a reaction to Dems. No not at all. It is a response to Republicans who are no longer representing the people. I would seriously take Palin over Romney, every day of the week. Why? Read your useless rebellion post and apply it to this conversation. She is not the mainstream and she frightens them. She is not stupid as the left are so desperate to make us think. Not at all. She is totally bucking the system and if nothing else causing fissures in the established foundation. Eloquence, maybe not, but she does indeed have the right enemies for me and that comes not from Kowtowing around Capital Hill, but from brushing up against the people. They all better be scared. Because the so called Grass Roots may grow into the tree.

  2. It's one thing to vote against something for whatever reason and then state that in your campaign. I can respect those who break ranks with their party on a regular basis if it's in the best interest of the people. I have a problem with those who vote for a bill, then try to pretend they didn't instead of explaining why. I think there were some very good parts of the healthcare bill, as well as some very bad ideas, but to run away from it entirely is cowardly, especially if you voted for it.

    As for Palin, I dislike her for two reasons. One, I really don't care for alot of the people who adore her. Two, she comes across so fake with her staged folksiness.