Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birthers, conspiracy and denial

The recent rants of Donald Trump, Palin and others over the politically expedient subject of Obama's birth certificate has become amusing and at the same time, ridiculous. Ask me for a long form certificate, I don't have one. I was born in Virginia in the 80's and you won't find a doctor's signature or anything like that. Want to question my citizenship? Go ahead.

The real thing behind this is you have a bunch of 50+ white folks who are in denial and shock that this is no longer a nation of WASPs. They're scared to death that in just a decade or more, white people will no longer be the majority in this country. You really don't see any black, latino or asian "birthers" now do you? It's really just white people, that's about it. They're freaked the hell out that a black liberal is now in the White House. A scared, angry and confused voting bloc? That's any political party's wet dream, if only they knew how to tap into it.

That's where Republicans specialize, especially corporate interests and their PACs. By harnessing the fear of change, they've put all of their eggs in one basket. The thing is, that's all they've got.


  1. You've hit the nail on the head here!

  2. You view Obama as a Liberal? You're funny.

  3. In the eyes of the people who hate him he is. He's pretty middle of the road on the political spectrum but they have to cast him as hard left as they can so they can demonize him more to their base.

  4. Yes sir i agree 100%.

    Kiddush is also correct, Obama=Liberal is a "media perspective" thing; if you ever took mass communications 101 as a GE you should remember its all how the picture is framed. I don't think anyone who can objectively evaluate Mr. Obama's term so far would characterize his actions to be anywhere near "liberal" (including this blog's author who has stated a similar opinion).

    I will vote for Obama again, but Im liberal as hell and I'm not positively overwhelmed so far. The environment is my #1 voting criteria...Obama has shown zero leadership re: that little ongoing problem/global catastrophe in Japan. "Japan, where?"

    Love the blog keep up the good fight!

  5. No one questions your citizenship, because you're not trying to attain a position of power over an entire nation. But if you were to run for president, you'd be expected to produce the required documents. "Birthers" may not consist of Latinos, Asians, or others who usually vote along liberal lines, simply because it would be counterproductive to their interests in the rare event of Obama's ineligibility. But to believe that all who fall outside those racial or political categories and wish to see proper identification are racist is ridiculous. You ignore the people who just expect their leader to show respect for the laws set by the Constitution and have the common courtesy to disclose any relevant information when it is called into question. While some may wish Obama ineligible for political or even racial reasons, the majority of people (including non-"birthers," like myself) want to know why this is still an issue: why was this document not released long ago, to lay to rest any questions of eligibility? If it was on hand all this time, what was the point of withholding it, and what is the attempted gain of releasing it at this late date?

  6. You see Nick, the documents were shown long ago. You can't run for President in this country without proving to the proper officials that you are a US citizen, including where you were born. If Beck, Hannity, O'Reilly and Limbaugh, for two years, with all of their resources and money couldn't prove otherwise...? You see where I'm going with this.

    Jesus Christ himself could present the birth certificate to these people and they still wouldn't believe it. Why? Because they cannot, and will not believe that our country has changed enough over the course of their lifetimes to where a semi-liberal black man with a foreign sounding name could be in charge.