Sunday, December 11, 2011

If you can't lead, follow. If you can't follow, stay out of the way

Of course they're going to fight back. You didn't think was going to be easy did you? This isn't a Disney movie where you pull a sword out of a stone or kiss a princess and suddenly all is right with the Universe again. You have a status quo which relied on a generation to calmly accept whatever fate is assigned to them, thanks to a few pills and more MTV.

Instead of striving for true greatness, our new accomplishments are making it to the next payday, becoming the next "mayor" of some spot on Foursquare or getting some image of our cat or a sunset on Instagram to go viral. They want us to continue this cycle of false empowerment. As we rely more and more on social media and a false sense of reality, they encourage "reality" shows and hype the conversation of spray-tanned skanks from New Jersey that contribute absolutely nothing to society other than the taxes they pay. They want us to remain transfixed by steroid-ridden "ultimate fighters" and Oompa Loompa looking MTV celebrities to keep our attention off the real problems. They want the conversation to be about who wore what dress which costs more than many of us will make in one year to what awards show or what contrived confrontation on their ad-ridden musical tournament was more important.

To that I say, "fuck the rubbish". If you don't agree, if you can't pull the wool from over your eyes, just sit down and keep watching football or American Idol. If you can't lead, follow. If you can't follow, stay out of the way.

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