Thursday, December 8, 2011

Peace IS an option

As a Jew, I find it disgusting and scary at the same time when I see the GOP candidates lining up to swear their allegiance to the state of Israel. If it was support of a Jewish state living in harmony with their neighbors, that would be different. Their support of Israel isn't a pro-Jewish agenda, it is a twisted, fucked-up little screenplay under construction which doesn't end happily forever after for those of us who are still waiting for the Messiah.

They are paying lip service to us while catering to the evangelical and fundamentalist Christians who believe that there is a final conflict involving the extermination of all Jews who do not convert to Christianity. It is an "End Times" scenario that is extremely popular in the circles of most right of moderate Christians. Both the Democrats, and Republicans, have courted the hard right with their "support" of Israel but it isn't to the peacemakers. Any politician that tries to bring real peace is demonized as a terrorist supporter or anti-Israel.

In my mind, there doesn't need to be a Jewish state any more than there needs to be a Muslim country or a Christian country or any country that is religious-centric. Yet, the old guard and the fanatics on both sides keep pushing the politics and spin to further their careers, goals and to keep the money flowing in.

My generation and those to follow are not taking the bait. We have started to realize that there's more than what our ancestors fought and died for in vain. In the age of world-wide social media, we've made acquaintances all around the world and found out we aren't that different. The powers that be have realized that the battle lines they have drawn for us have been bridged and neutralized by Twitter and Facebook, and they're very, very scared.

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