Sunday, May 6, 2012

A timeline of hate

After posting the photo my friend Deanna took in the Orlando area, hundreds of people shared the photo, many people learned something new, and as usual, some people tried to play the whole "well, what about if it mean Black Power?"

First of all, that is the timeless, cliche counterpoint of any instance race is brought up on Fox News. The Trayvon Martin case brought out the foaming bigots and of course they all said "well, what if Trayvon was white and the shooter was black?" This is always the tactic used to divert the subject from centuries of violence towards minorities by whites of European descent. Admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter-accusations.

I'll admit, I've been harassed about being white from a black person, and I've been called a "dirty kike" by white power idiots. The difference is, there hasn't been a history of black people targeting, attacking, and killing people of other races. Has it happened on occasions? Of course, but not with the organization, persistence and overall ferocity that we have seen from the likes of the KKK, Aryan Nations, NSM and so on.

You don't see Asians, Blacks or Hispanics holing up in mountain compounds in Idaho or Montana preparing for a "racial holy war". You don't hear of black people setting burning Stars of David in a Jewish family's yard, and Asians didn't participate in lynch mobs in Mississippi.

There is hatred across all melanin tone levels, there are people of every ethnicity who believe that because of the color of their skin or national heritage, they are somehow superior to all others on that basis alone. There are bigots of all ethnic backgrounds but only in the "white power" movement have we seen them so well organized. Last time I checked, Hitler was a white, European male.

It can also be argued that prejudice against white people is the cumulative result of everything we've done to others over the centuries. Certainly doesn't make it right, but from a historical perspective, it makes sense. People of European descent have, for the most part, called the shots in world history for two millenniums now and now that this power has started to slip a little, they're scared. Don't believe me, just spend an hour or so watching Fox News.


  1. Say what you want about Nazis but they sure drive safe vehicles.

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  2. I discovered the difference between right and left and why the hatred and all that goes with it. Conservatism is based in the natural order. Everything we have comes from nature and its natural order. That said, since nature has a hierarchical order and anything that threatens that order is immoral. The highest objective of conservatism is to protect the moral order. God is above man, men are above women, mankind is above nature, rich are above poor, straights are above gays, Christians are above non-christians and America is above all other nations.

    Social Liberalism has its own basic idea. It’s an idea that is so caustic to the moral order it’s no wonder conservatives hate us. That idea is equality.

    Liberal logic goes like this. Most aspects of life are beyond our control. None of us can choose our parents, race, family history, our parent’s wealth or religion, what we are taught as children, our sex or sexual orientation or the nation we were born into. This being the case it’s only natural to want to create a system where everyone is treated equally. Where everyone is given the same opportunity regardless of their station in life. The highest moral objective of liberalism is to build a society based on fairness, equality, personal responsibility and social responsibility.

    These two simple ideas are battling for the minds of our culture. To stop bigotry we need to come together in the middle and work this out. Question is....can that be done?

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