Friday, May 18, 2012

Trayvon Martin and the death of white privilege

Whether or not Trayvon Martin was an angel, which some members of the left-leaning press would have you believe, or a budding criminal, which you would hear over and over again on Fox, no one deserves to be gunned down because they look suspicious. Yet, they'll have you believe "he had it coming" and it must have been that reefer madness. You know the old film which would have you believe pot makes people violent and turns your daughter into a psychotic nymphomaniac.

The rush to demonize anyone of color with accusations of drug use, being foreign, etc is the death rattles of a system that is owned by mostly older, rich white men who realize that over 200 years of white privilege in this company is starting to slip away. As the last census report showed, non-white births have surpassed white births and this trend will continue to grow. Most people of Generation X, myself included, and younger, care little to nothing about race. We really couldn't give a shit less about whether you love someone of another race or the same gender. We don't care if you worship God, Allah, Yahweh, or no god at all. We don't tend to associate with people of our same skin tone alone and this scares the hell out of an older generation that still remembers the days before desegregation.

Barack Obama is the face of the era when bi-racial marriage first became legal and I think that explains some of the hatred. The older generation hates him for the things he represents, in addition to the things they think he is. You're looking at a man with a white mother and a black father, something that was (and still is) the fear of many white parents, that their pure as snow daughter would be corrupted by a black man.

Many of them can't comprehend how he could be more successful and smarter than them, and as the old joke that is still whispered around by old men in smokey Mississippi bars at 3pm goes "What do you call a black man with a PhD? A n****r". These are people who believe that solely by the color of their skin, they are automatically superior to everyone else and the thought of anyone of any other ethnicity being more successful or educated than they are is negated instantly because well, "goddamit, I'm white". I think of it as the racial game of rock, paper, scissors.

If a black man is murdered, it is blamed on gang violence. In the case of Trayvon Martin, media like Fox or The New York Post instantly dug up everything they could to portray him as the usual "scary black thug" which then meant "he had it coming".

If a black man becomes President, it was all part of some giant Communist/Fascist/Gay/George Soros/liberal media/atheist/Muslim jihad conspiracy because there couldn't be any way the man they think should be shining their wingtips and calling them "sir" would end up with the nuclear codes.

So, as the years come and go, the notion of "white privilege" and superiority will become more and more muted. Once the current population of The Villages in Florida is under the ground instead of at the polls, I think this will pretty much die with them.


  1. I want to begin by saying I love this article. I love the open communication of this “race” issue in America. People, by following lead of those in power, are afraid to openly speak about this topic. The only way we can realize these social class issues are all an illusion is to speak out as you have in this post. This leads me to something that annoyed me today. This morning, I was on an official government website. Documented on the civil rights tab was and mission statement worded with “race, color, and national origin”. For the purpose of keeping this response as limited as possible, I am speaking in terms of American culture. Well I’ve been ranting about this word “race” for years. First of all, race is a word that was created by Americans to define a permanent underclass called “black people or niggers if you must”. As mention in this blog to which I am responding, “color” can be excluded since we are becoming intertwined as one ethnicity. Meaning who can truly tell by the melanin level in someone’s skin their ethnic makeup. Since the first person of African descent conceived a child with someone of non African descent, no one (especially in Louisiana) really can look at a person and get a definite summary of biological history. In the past many illegitimate sons and daughters of “Anglo Americans” had left their birth place taking on new identities as “Anglo Americans” although their mothers (sometimes fathers) were of African descent (dark colored due to a high level of melanin in the skin cells) and at the time enslaved in America because of their “race, color, and/or national origin”. No one knew and they went on to live as “Anglo Americans”. I chuckle at present day racist (of any background) for they may be the thing they hate. In closing, why in 2012 with an African-American president of the “so called” free world, are we so ignorant to use the terms “race, color, and national origin”? National origin (I speak not of people who were not born in America for of course this is a true statement in that context), well can we agree thousands years later (now) that we are all Americans since our forefathers and mothers were born in American?

  2. The article is so right on! They are scared at the wave of change coming their way, they will attempt all methods of CRAZY to keep the status quo.
    Kudos to you, Whiskey!

  3. Nailed it! I especially like the part about generation X'ers. My son is of that generation and his attitudes are the same as you describe. Only if children are brought up in a racist atmosphere will the hate persist but as time passes I see where you're coming from. Now if we can just get the our fellow Americans and the middle east to see through same perspective optics then we will be accomplishing something!

  4. Great read and an accurate depiction of the views of the 40somethings and younger.
    Good shit man. ☮

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  6. A person who intentionally follows another person and kills that person is a MURDERER!! NO question about that.

  7. Excellent article! I have a similar one that explains the historical trail.