Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nobody is trying to take your f*cking guns

Over and over again on Facebook and other social media, I see the same old story. "Obama is going to take our guns away" or "you'll take my guns from my cold, dead hands", these are all things I've observed people I know type out, sometimes in ALL CAPS.

Sadly, it's not like you can talk sense to them. If you're not in 100% agreement with their little delusion, you're either considered ignorant, or part of the great conspiracy to take their deer rifle. Calmly explaining that you in no way would ever support laws that ban the private ownership of firearms and that regulation does not equal confiscation, this does nothing to help. They're so hyped up on the results of the November election (in which a guy who actually signed anti-gun laws in Massachusetts lost) and the false narrative being pushed by the gun lobby, talking sense just doesn't work.

You can't tell them that over and over again, the Supreme Court has upheld the right of an individual to keep and bear arms. Tell them that President Obama has signed into law two different pieces of legislation that expanded the rights of people to carry weapons on Amtrak and into National Parks, and they won't believe you. Go ahead and point out that their fears of some powerful secret UN conspiracy to take away every gun in the US is completely ridiculous, when time and time again, the UN has proven to be ineffective in even maintaining a ceasefire. They either sputter and change the subject, or again, accuse you of being party of the plot.

As our regular readers know, I own guns. I like guns and I use them from time to time. I'm a bit of a gun enthusiast, to be honest with you. If somehow there was a door to door confiscation of guns going on, I'd resist it as well. I support many liberal ideas but an outright gun ban is not one of them, even if it was somehow deemed Constitutional. Hell, I'm not even too big on the idea of banning "assault rifles" but let's get real here. You do not need a 100 round ammo drum to defend your home or shoot deer. You do not need a 31 round clip for your Glock unless you're planning on defending a crack deal gone bad. And seriously, who or what the everloving fuck do you need armor-piercing rounds for? Last time I checked, the only people who tend to wear bulletproof vests are...oh wait, cops.

There you go, and that's what it's really about. A completely paranoid delusion, fueled by the gun industry, that even though we currently have the loosest gun laws in decades, a government that can't even balance a budget can somehow confiscate every gun with the help of the UN which can't even keep civilians from being slaughtered in Kosovo. Who really thinks that a government which can't even keep track of billions in cash that went missing in Iraq can somehow round up every gun owner at the drop of an imaginary tin foil hat and force them to hand over their weapons?

So let's drop the rhetoric. You can own a gun in every state. You can get a concealed carry permit in every state except Illinois if you're willing to go through the hassle. Yes, it's probably too much work in some of those states and I'd like to see the rules loosened for law-abiding citizens, but stop pretending that more guns and less regulation is the answer. Being so fucking paranoid that you don't even want a background check on all gun sales, that's not being pro-2nd Amendment, that's just proof that you've swallowed the whole line of bullshit fed to you by the gun lobby.

You don't need a private armory. At the most, you need a couple of rifles for hunting. Maybe a bolt action .308 for long range deer hunting, and a .30-30 for shooting deer and wild hogs in the brush. A .22 for shooting tin cans, a 12 gauge for an all around hunting/home defense gun, and perhaps a 9mm if you want a concealed carry weapon. Anything more than that, fine but...you should submit to a background check.

And if you really believe in a country where religion and guns are first and foremost, I suggest moving to Afghanistan. After all, isn't that whole line of armed nuttiness you wanted us to fight against in the first place?


  1. Another great article, another thing I would point out (this..possibly strenuously related): Another problem with our gun laws is how lax they are in relation to private sales/gun shows..I mean...
    Adam Gadhan (American born Al Queda jihadist): "America is absolutely awash with easily obtainable firearms. You can go down to a gun show at the local convention center and come away with a fully automatic assault rifle without a background check and most likely without having to show an identification card. So what are you waiting for?"
    ( http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/06/07/white-house-taking-seriously-al-qaeda-gun-show_n_872413.html )
    I mean..Al Queda now, the PIRA in the 80's, known for their importation of massive numbers of rifles and explosives from relatively few countries (the only major import sources being the U.S. and Libya)
    I mean..when we're so scared of the people we elect to protect us, that we help arm people who would kill us..does that really make sense?

    1. you absolutely cannot purchase a full auto weapon at a gun show without a background check. I'm in agreement with most of this blog. I just wish people would stop saying that an AR sprays bullets. You can only possess an M16 with a Class III weapons permit.

    2. Some openly factual inaccuracies in this article.
      Laws, blah blah. Criminals don't obey the laws. That's why the GOVERNMENT has already conducted door-to-door raids and confiscations to seize guns, right here in America.
      You can keep saying they won't. It doesn't stop me from -seeing- that they have, and wisely suspecting they will again.
      One of the court rulings you may have neglected to add to your research is the one in Louisiana ruling the Katrina gun confiscations unconstitutional, and some of those people still haven't gotten them back.
      Taken right from the hands of lawful gun owners, with looters still rampaging.
      Or taken from their abandoned homes and destroyed.

      Disabuse yourself of the notion that it can't or won't happen. It HAS happened. THAT's the delusion, with some muddled-headed verbal jiu-jitsu to say that anyone who saw it happen is paranoid.
      Dishonesty is a personal flaw, and one you should correct.

      Other facts:
      The last time I looked, two mass shooters were wearing body armor. You should read a newspaper.
      Saying someone's needs or desires in weapon ownership isn't YOUR right to determine. Nobody needs a car that will do 150 miles an hour. Still, are those hard to find? Nobody needs their own airplane.
      The whole 'you don't need it' argument is the weakest of all.
      80% of the time, you don't need a condom, either.

    3. Drew, uh how do you know? Do you know how every gun show operates? There are absolutely many gun shows where they do not do background checks. And gun sales out of trunks and thru the newspaper-you don't think they sometimes sell to minors, the mentally ill? It happens and a lot of those old men think it's great because to them any gun sold to another white person is a reason to celebrate. I grew up around this attitude in DFW area and it makes me want to vomit.

    4. Let's take a look at this -purely- rhetorical article's 'logic', too.

      The government, which can't prosecute a war, balance a budget or do anything right....these are the guys who should be executing gun laws.

      Bottom line: Obama has empowered himself through the NDAA to kill or imprison for life anyone he names, without trial.
      The gun lobby is looking out for YOU. YOU are looking out for no one.

      So for all you government-worshipping overtrusting 'words don't mean things' idiots--a gun ban IS taking away guns. The guns on a ban list are already in existence. Someone owns them. They will be taken.
      Get a kindergartener to help you with the tough concepts.

      Question: If I don't need 50-round mags to defend my family -today-, can you absolutely guarantee me I won't need them in five years? Ten? Tomorrow?
      Answer: It doesn't matter what YOU say about MY rights. I hope I never EVER need to---let's drop the rhetoric---KILL someone trying to harm my family. But goddamned if you're going to tell me I can't if I need to. And that is precisely what you're saying. A gang of five guys comes onto my property carrying, inevitably, illegal weapons, who don't give a crap about what laws you think we should all obey---can and should be met by equal or superior force.

      Stop being such cowards. You're the problem with America.

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    6. ABOVE all the world IS a dangerous place. Did you know that for AN EXAMPLE that we are expecting a zombie apocalypse soon? The government is gathering stockpiles OF food and weapons. The real reason for assault gun ban is the government's PARANOIA THAT the gun manufacturers MAY NOT make enough in time. If you indeed live to PASS on your genes afterwards A species of aliens is set to arrive and destroy us in 2024. It is complete SANITY, we have had a signal from them for a decade. Do not TEST this theory! It is all over unless you listen to the liberal media.

    7. Julie: paranoid much? I wouldn't worry about the zombies; it's the Reptilians you've gotta watch out for. They walk among us even now. :)

    8. LOL Mitchell - her comment says "Above is an example of paranoia that may not pass a sanity test" check the capitalized words

  2. Good thing we have the bill of rights and you don't decide what my rights are. Second amendment says differently :)

    1. He's a GOOD problem for the problematic sheep like you. Go graze.

  3. As always written with a modicum of common-sense.

    1. mod·i·cum
      A small quantity of a particular thing.

      Agreed. Also a modicum of factual support.

  4. I don't get this article at all. I think the main problem with regards to this controversy is the miscommunication. Clearly you seem to be talking about a small number of people who think current legislation is geared to a full confiscation of guns. I would say that most people do not fall into that category, but rather feel that a firearm ban, particularly when it comes to a narrow section of firearm, such as assault rifle, is essentially useless. Why even undergo a push for such a worthless and ineffective goal, and since the goal would be so worthless, why should those of us who are aware of it's ineffectiveness, let is happen? People seem to believe that violence is an easy issue to resolve, we just limit the tools people use to commit violent acts, but that simply is not the results. Our last ban on assault rifles expired in 2008, and our violent crime has been reduced by 50% over the last 20 years and has dropped every year for the last 5 years. Why on earth do we need to start creating new laws, regulations and bans? I personally prefer a little freedom people, and it seems free people can actually do the right thing..... so lets let them.

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  6. ((( seriously read the 2nd amendment)))
    you completely missed the most important point of the 2nd amendment... its not there so you can have a deer gun to shoot bambies with lol. or even to protect yourself from crack heads. its there because its the right and responsibility for its citizens to over throw its own government if it becomes a corrupt tyrant. this can happen to any government, even a mostly democratic one like ours. in-fact throughout history democratic governments had almost always failed due to corruption that started from the wealthy. the dudes that wrote the 2nd amendment knew this, they were pretty smart cookies. I'm not saying our government is completely corrupt or doomed for failure, but we are getting more and more corrupt politicians, corrupt legislation, and corrupt billionaires. granted, they are just after more wealth and not trying to take over the nation. but in doing just that they are leaving the door wide open for anyone with the money. so yes there is sound reason for citizens to have ar15s, a 30 round mags ect. ect... its our (if all else fails) plan. with out it or something in its place we could all be fucked!