Monday, May 27, 2013

Are you not entertained?

There's news and there's entertainment. There's news and then there's commentary. There's information and then there is pure bullshit designed to keep you watching, to keep you entertained.

Whether it is on the left or the right, mainstream or alternative media, it isn't about delivering facts any more. It is more a carnival side show, a slapstick shtick that relies almost solely on hurling insults and delivering barbs against the other side.

It's cathartic to make fun of Sarah Palin and all the other low-hanging rotten fruit on Fox News and elsewhere. Some people have made a very tidy sum of money doing exactly that on TV and the Internet. But what has that cost us in our political dialogue? Instead of talking about financial policies and the way to move forward with some kind of compromise in place, it looks more like an audience watching a cage of monkeys hurling feces at each other in a scene cut from "Idiocracy".

We've blurred the line between news and entertainment, between commentary and facts to where you cannot recognize the differences any longer. Are you not entertained?

Monday, May 13, 2013

5-13 update

A couple of our profiles are still in time out but we are moving on regardless. I've been writing for Forward Progressives so I haven't gotten around to writing new articles here. Hopefully, I'll get one done soon.