Sunday, October 6, 2013

Think all "liberal" bloggers are great people? Think again

Remember how I often discussed the unethical and strong-arm tactics used by many "liberal" bloggers and site owners? If you've been following us for awhile, you'll know of my utter disdain for the people behind "Being Liberal" and the website as well as others who are just out there to make a buck.

Matthew Desmond Kerry (who is mentioned in the following conversation) isn't the only one. There's also the owner of the website "We Survived Bush, You Will Survive Obama" who is no stranger to manipulation and behavior that borders on criminal. Last year, he released the personal information of another page owner and called upon his fans to harass that person until control of the page was turned over to his business partner, Samuel Warde.

Recently, Lou approached the owner of the Facebook page "I Love It When I Wake Up In The Morning And Barack Obama Is President" which currently has over 156,000 fans. The following photos are screenshots from that conversation, published with the permission of the page owner, David.

David has been a great supporter of our page and like many other Americans, had to move home with his elderly parents due to losing his job because of the economic downturn. He now takes care of them while running his page and supporting various charity organizations.

The photos are not necessarily in order but they are all timestamped. The "Sydney" mentioned is Sydney Leathers, Lou's former co-admin and also the same Sydney Leathers who sold her story about sexting with Anthony Weiner to Inside Edition. Lou is also a writer for which is why you've heard me talk about how they are not a valid news source.

The following images mention "Pakman" which is David Pakman of The David Pakman Show.
Notice that part about making money by writing a two paragraph article with an embedded YouTube video? Remember how I've talked about that? Well, there you go.

Lou and Matthew Kerry aren't the only ones who engage in this form of manipulation and bullying, but they are probably the most prominent ones. We certainly should expect things like this from some of the far right pages but we have no moral ground to stand on when we overlook this happening on the left.


  1. Brilliant, fabulous, thank you. As the Erin mentioned in the comment thread, I'd like to say no, Lou did not tell me to "shut the f*** up," He told his "fans" I would be nothing without him (sharing 4-5 article of mine a few years ago) blocked me from his horrible Facebook page then stalked me under a fake profile. If you look up the word smarmy in the dictionary, you will find Lou's photo, giant 1970's mustache and all.

  2. Nice article.

    I tried to re-like ""I Love It When I Wake Up In The Morning And Barack Obama Is President" but unfortunately they must have blocked me for some reason -- I can't like, share, or comment on any of their posts.

    Regardless, I support you guys' against these assholes who find profit more important than principle.

    1. Hey Message me here. And I will see about unblocking you.

  3. Samuel is just as big an ass as Lou. He is just more sneaky about it. He says he is the face of the partnership because Lou is so outspoken - so people trust Samuel more - but he will stab you in the back fast. He puts on a good act though. I have to give him that.

  4. Well, our site is looking for writers that actually write -- i.e -- Citizen Journalists not just YouTube + a paragraph or two writers. If interested, please contact!

  5. Interesting article... it reads a lot like how moderate Republicans were treated during the rise of the so-called conservative AM Radio Screamers. I.e., "Join us or we'll call you a RINO on the air and our vast herds of minions (oops, I meant 'followers') will eat you alive!!!!"

    The vast majority of rational conservatives despise founts of hot air like Limbaugh and Beck, but they're too powerful to oppose. Someday, if they play their cards right, ambitious so-called "liberals" like Lou could command similar power. Despised by moderates and conservatives, but kept filthy rich by the lesser-minded minions who believe everything they say.

  6. What I know about those pages is that there are a lot of them. It is the case that cutting off a page makes a ton of sense if they get into a lot of nonsense.