Thursday, June 18, 2015

Websites we do and do NOT share from

We were asked recently by some fans for a list of pages we do and do not endorse. So, here we go.

There's a number of pages that I call "The Axis of Ego". They are pages run by Samuel Warde, Lou Colagiovanni and Matthew Desmond - or their friends who are trying corner the market on liberal and progressive media on Facebook. There are other page admins who work closely with them and that collective group will often try to absorb smaller pages that produce good content or turn them into satellite pages for their network.

Why? They run websites that pose as "news" pages which are laden with advertising and they want to get as much traffic as they can, which translates into money. While there's nothing wrong with wanting to make money, the method by which they do it is shady, in my opinion. These methods include mass reporting pages that will not work with them, cyber-stalking individuals, etc.

As an example, here is a Facebook page dedicated solely to making fun of me, my old Facebook page, and my friend John Henry. This post is from one of the websites mentioned below, which is owned by a Thomas Clay Jr from Kentucky and currently employs a former admin of the Whiskey page, Steve Ahearn of Arizona.

These individuals are/were friends with the owner of Addicting Info, and regularly harass people with multiple fake profiles and pages to circumvent Facebook's ban or block protocols. Ahearn and his acquaintances especially like to bully people who ask for financial assistance, even though he has been a professional internet beggar as long as I have known him.

The following are pages that we know of that are owned or are in the clutches of individuals like these. This is not an all-inclusive list but it is a good reminder of what pages and practices to avoid as well as a list of pages that aren't about putting profit first and the cause second - all while engaging in cyber harassment and bullying.

Websites to avoid:

Facebook pages that we DO NOT share from: