Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bobby Jindal Exits The Presidential Race, To Screw Over David Vitter

It's been a fun run mocking Bobby Jindal. As a resident of Louisiana since 2010, I've watched his mismanagement the state up close and personal, and it's no surprise that his failed brand of conservatism just wasn't going to attract big money donors like the Koch Brothers.

The clown show that is the Republican primary campaign will go on, but it will go on without Bobby Jindal, who suspended his bid for the White House today.

Honestly, I thought he would hold out until at least New Hampshire, but I was wrong. I'm also very disappointed because I had a lot of fun running the Bobby Jinderp Facebook page with some friends - now who are we going to mock?

Bobby Jindal's exit from the race was inevitable, but as my friend Lamar White, Jr pointed out, it came just days before the election in which his fellow Republican David Vitter faces off with John Bel Edwards in the governor's election here in Louisiana.

It's no secret in Louisiana political circles that David Vitter and Bobby Jindal despise each other. Even though both are Republicans, Jindal has refused to endorse Vitter in his campaign to replace Jindal who is term-limited as governor.

Jindal is extremely unpopular here in Louisiana, and his legacy of Republican failure hangs over David Vitter who will have to clean up his mess if elected. The problem for Vitter is that he has been abandoned by other members of the GOP, and even Republican lieutenant governor has endorsed Democrat John Bel Edwards instead.

Bobby Jindal's exit from the race overshadows Vitter's campaign in the media, and it perfectly illustrates the failure of Republican politics in a state as red as Louisiana. Jindal could have held off on his relentless pandering to GOP voters until after Saturday's election, but he has done it now for no other reason to sink Vitter's ship - and Democrats should thank Jindal for this parting gift.

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