Sunday, October 2, 2011

United we stand, divided we fall.

When our eyes are finally opened, we will see the lie we have been living in. We've been taught from the beginning that our neighbor is our enemy. We've pledged allegiance to a flag from an early age and then sold products and philosophies wrapped in a flag that are anything but good for us. Every ethnicity has been stereotyped, every way of life has been vilified in one way or another. White people can't dance, black people are welfare bums, Mexicans are lazy and Arabs are all terrorists secretly.

Rednecks are all inbred, Cajuns are stupid, everyone who lives in San Francisco is gay, hippies never take a bath, punks are all lazy rich kids and skinheads are all racist crossburners who worship Hitler. All liberals are PETA nutjobs, or gay, or anything and everything else contrary to your way of life. All conservatives are gun-toting country folk who didn't finish highschool and other ad hominem attacks. Once you get past the lies, it becomes very obvious that we've been brainwashed into a state of division so we can't unite against a common foe. If you are outnumbered 99 to 1, the only way you can win is to convince the 99 that you are their friend and that the enemy is actually the same people they share so much in common with.
Time to start thinking for yourself, stop allowing other people to tell you what the "truth" is, and start experiencing the world as it really is.

We are not asking for communism, despite what you may be told in an attempt to discredit the movement. We are not just "dirty hippies", we are the overqualified unemployed, people who are one check away from disaster, those who have been foreclosed on and the rest of the working class. You cheered for Egypt and Libya and everyone else in the Middle East during the "Arab Spring". The revolution has spread, it is here, it has finally come.


  1. I believe that the revolution has not quite made it as of yet. It takes leadership to win at anything and no one has stepped forward to take those reins as of yet. I also believe that this government can be saved (slim chance at best) but will require the people's will to make it so. Something that makes the protests of the 60's look like child's play. We can't blow up anything, that would make us look like terrorists. No, the approach has to different. Much like convincing an alcoholic that they are one.