Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We are all Scott Olsen

Every day we go to work, pay our bills and struggle to get by. We live paycheck to paycheck. The lucky ones get a vacation once a year to go spend their money in some tourist trap like Myrtle Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami or Panama City Beach. The rest of us, we dream of a day or two away from the shift work.

Even the people who were idealized by the likes of Fox News for fighting in a useless war in Iraq are now coming home and finding the American Dream left them far behind. At first, we were just disgruntled. Then we raised our voices a little, only to be mocked by the media. Now we're angry, and with the possible death of a Marine, we're gonna be pissed the fuck off.

The working class has been treated like the toilet paper of the rich. We are useful for the time between when we are bought and when we wipe the ass of the more fortunate. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate and applaud the people who have worked their way from rags to riches, but that story has become more and more rare as the years go by.

We are not just cogs in the wheel. We are not resources to be used up and then thrown away. We are human fucking beings. We just want a little slice of the pie. We are patriotic Americans and when we realize that we no longer have a real purpose or place, we'll take to the streets.

You can't kill us all.


  1. Absolutely that we're in the streets things will now become exciting. We are witnessing history happening much as we did in the 60's. All brought on by disgruntled youth. Now as then, the youth of our country will change America. More power to them!!!

  2. Its actually nice to watch Fox Noise now and see the beginnings of real fear in the eyes of those tools as they ridicule the Occupy Wall Street Movement.