Monday, February 21, 2011

Viva la revolucion!

As I said once before, some months back, change is coming. You see, you cannot hide the truth from people forever, especially in our age of instantaneous news sharing. It is that pesky 1st Amendment, backed by the power of the 2nd Amendment, which is helping to keep men and women equal. There only so many bullets available to only so many people willing to fire upon their own countrymen in the defense of corrupt regimes.

Greed can only hold up for so long. Without the proper balance, it goes flying off into repression and it will violently get ripped back into some sort of balance. Don't try to scare us with the boogey man of "communism" as it is just an over-reaction to the excesses of unchecked corporate power. The only difference between the US and the Middle East is that here, our propaganda machine is just a little better oiled and more refined. In the Middle East, the enemy is the Jews and the West. Here, it's Muslims and liberals. On both sides of the coin, there are people who benefit greatly from keeping this lie going and they are scared shitless now that it is crumbling. The Iron Curtain is falling thanks to Google, Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Youtube and Twitter.

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