Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This is America, an idiocracy

This is America. We like simple slogans, simple ideas, simple solutions and fast food. We like saying "Don't Tread On Me" without knowing what it really means or the historical context. We like the idea of drug testing needy people because we've been told over and over again that anyone who isn't successful must be lazy or taking drugs. Any solution or idea that requires complex discussion and deep thought is dismissed by the very people who would benefit because they've been told that ignorance is bliss. We stop at fast food drive thrus on our way home from a job where we sit on our ass all day because we can't be bothered to stop at a grocery store and then cook something healthy. Salads and sushi are mocked as "rabbit food" or "bait" by people who have bellies that have blocked their view of their genitalia for years.

People willingly believed that Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein were both behind 9-11 because any voice that explained there was a major difference between a secular regime in Iraq and a theocracy in Afghanistan was shouted down as a "terrorist-loving liberal commie". Folks don't go out of their way to better themselves intellectually or physically any more because we have been taught that the only people who do are "elitists". Even beer. Yes, even beer has become "elitist". It is considered cool and patriotic to drink cheap beer from foreign-owned corporations and anyone who drinks something besides Bud, Coors or Miller is some "fancy Yankee".

Yes, this is America and we are already in an idiocracy.