Sunday, September 4, 2011

Man in the middle

I used to be a bouncer. Yes, I know it sounds funny for those of you who know me in person but I was pretty decent although not physically intimidating. I specialized in talking people down, especially with the reminder if they didn't heed my warning, they had the bigger bouncers to deal with. "Listen to me or deal with them. Trust me, I'm pretty nice compared to them."

When it comes to politics, once again, I'm kind of the man in the middle. I'm not the most liberal, compared to others I know but having the experiences I've had, I like to think of myself as rather "common-sense". So those on the far right would do well to listen to those moderates who are telling them that they are out of line and to start representing the working class, not the elites.

I suppose it is a pretty sweet gig, work in Congress for a couple terms, collect that government check, and get nice fat contributions to ensure your re-election by people who fall for the ads run by your sponsors. As long as you vote the way your fat cats want, if you ever do get voted out, you'll have an even sweeter job as a lobbyist, pressuring your former colleagues to vote the way the bosses want. Most of us common sense people realize that while ideally every vote cast would be for the people, and politicians would always do what is in the best interests of the country, that it isn't the case. I know that politicians have always done what is usually in their best interests and power corrupts. I know that it has been, and likely will be that way for all time. What I am saying is that when you stop tossing the working class a bone here and there, you get a cage full of angry dogs.

Listen to those of us who are telling you that we realize you will always be corrupt and self-serving. We aren't idealists, we're realists. Stop constantly shitting on the people who you are supposed to represent in favor of those you really represent. You honestly can take all the bribes you want and go have $600 bottles of wine with lobbyists, I don't care that much as long as my family can pay the bills. I have come to accept that this is a broken, fucked up system and it will stay that way as long as reforms aren't enacted by the same people they would affect.

We're the dogs at the table and we've become accustomed to getting kicked around in exchange for the occasional table scrap but when those scraps stop altogether and the kicks keep coming, don't be surprised if the mood starts changing.

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