Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We are the 99%, here's why we Occupy Wall Street

We've already grasped the fact we aren't all going to be millionaires, movie actors or rock stars. Our generation has come to terms with the fact we are going to work until we're 70 or older, and as much as it sucks, we've accepted it grudgingly. We've realized that thanks to the Baby Boomers, Social Security may not be the safety net it was for our parents and grandparents and we're kind of OK with that, even as we pay out of our checks every two weeks to support your grandparents in Arizona or Florida or wherever else America goes to die.

We accepted the fact that "Hope and Change" rolled quietly into "Hope for some change down the road". We aren't OK with that, but hey, we'll live with it. Yet, when our homes get foreclosed on us because the banks who got a bailout won't return the favor to the same taxpayers who helped them, we're going to be pissed off. When the same financial institutions and trade schools who talked us into getting credit cards and student loans to get through college, only to now come and bully us to repay them when we are working minimum wage jobs despite our degrees, we'll probably finally have had enough.

We bought into the same "American Dream" that our parents and grandparents subscribed to. The one where if you work hard enough, save some money and go to school, you also can live the dream. The thing is, the "American Dream" set sail with Reagnomics and NAFTA. Now, if you work 10 years for a company, thanks "right to work" laws, they can dump you at any time, for any reason, and you're back at square one again while your job gets shipped off to an intern or someone who will work for half the price in Bangladesh or India.

In the old movies, the guy who found something crooked going in his company, or his politics, went and made a stand. Eventually, he turned out to be the hero and was usually rewarded for his efforts. In my case, I cut the losses of the company I worked diligently for by millions of dollars every month and I was rewarded with a boot out the door.

That isn't the "free market" and the capitalism our parents grew up with. This is a new system and one that rewards the cheaters, not the hard workers. We've finally realized that fact, and we're very, very pissed off.


  1. Second. I don't care to work for swine. The "pearls" of one's work is discounted. Like reading the Holy Gita before a donkey.(East Indian take on "pearls before swine")

  2. Spot On description of the 99%. They try to make us look like we're the ones milking the system when they are the one actually milking the system. Reverse politics and fake victimization....I wonder who came up with that idea? Oh yeah, Karl Rove. Isn't he on the right side of things (pun intended).

  3. Very True! But we cant put it all on the Baby-Boomers. They are vitims of Reaganomics due to the fact that they were told to invest in the stock market then lost 1/3 of their investments during the Reagan administration....then again under in the banking crisis. They took out second loans on their houses to send their kids to college and now they cant sell an under water house and they have run out of years to make it up...yet again. Those born in 1946 (Baby-Boomers) began working around 1967. They were the first generation who discovered what it is to be laid off. The generation before them could rely on getting a job....working ones way up...and building a nice retirement pension. That is the generation who are sitting comfortabley in AZ and FL. Boomers have been informed that their company cant cover the pension plan they contributed to....had their company close and move....they were the first to hear the word "down-sized" and the government always took the side of the company. They contributed to their company and social security and now, in the face of retirement, they are told there isnt any money to honor that agreement and they are to old to start over.
    Reaganomics converted this country into "Corporate America"....this is when the gap between corporate execs and the average worker began to float....deregulation became the wedge between worker and management. I have said for 20 years that workers are the cattle herd which corporate America feeds off of and my co-workers laughed at me....some have wised up.....some still want to blame the lazy...the drg addicted....the illegal immigrant...the minority groups....and refuse to see that their own elected officials are selling them down the river....the corporation they work for is whittling away at their futures...and corporations are taking more and more in fees and such month after the point where workers will be back at the point where we owe everything to "the company store", so to in the 1920s. The drug companies wont be happy until every man, woman, and child is dependent on at least 3 drugs. A drug addicted, poverty stricken population is easy to control and give no opposition. This isnt where we are going....this is where we are!...and people simply wont see it....they refuse...all the while waving the flag and telling themselves how we are the greatest country in the world. It is going to have to take a much higher percent of the population to be effected before they will see. Occupy can still herald the warning though.

  4. Words of protest only work when there is someone that hears. Wall street only listens to money.