Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We have Jesus, guns and money

"We have Jesus, guns and money, so we make the rules".

That's pretty much the 3 trump cards the religious right tries to fall back on in any argument. It is the usual end of any discussion when you back them into a corner with a barrage of logic, if you can even reach them on logic.

To them, it doesn't matter if they're right, or there's flaws in their logic. Take my previous article, "You can't be pro-life and pro-war" as a prime example. I know plenty of people, mostly old family acquaintances that think that it's ideologically consistent to oppose abortion, but then look the other way on the death penalty, war, etc. Yet, when you challenge them on the logic of your argument, they ignore it and when you press them on it, they change the subject and make counter-accusations. Push them further, then out comes the cross and the condescending attitude that it doesn't matter what you think, they have Jesus, guns and money so it is just their world and they're being nice by allowing you to express your opinion.

Their belief is that dissenting opinions are ones to be tolerated at best, but to be squashed in the event it becomes inconvenient. Whether it be Occupy Wall Street, the right of gays to marry or even the availability of contraceptives at Planned Parenthood, they'll only pretend to tolerate as long as it takes to try to destroy it.

The recent events with the Susan B. Komen Foundation is an excellent example. They'd rather see poor women die of breast cancer or dangerous pregnancies rather than see one person not have one unwanted pregnancy ended or even prevented.

Yet for them, it is not about abortion and being pro-life. For them, it is about their need to control who has sex, who they have sex with, for what purposes and only by their standards. Having sex for fun? Nope. Having sex with a member of the same sex? Hell fucking no. Only for the purposes of procreation and making a Christian child who will grow up to be another one of them. Anything other than that is unacceptable to them.

Remember, they have their distorted view of Jesus, plus their guns and money. Maybe it is time we take back all of that from them.

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