Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The budget and the Republican power grab

I wonder if I could start working less, thereby bringing in less money, then tell my creditors that I'm broke and perhaps maybe I'll just have to stop paying them? I'm sure most of the "conservative" persuasion would scoff at the "lazy person who doesn't want to take responsibility" but this is sort of what Walker is doing in Wisconsin. This isn't the best analogy because it's not laziness we're talking about, it's greed. If you hand out $142 million in tax cuts that benefits corporate interests and then state you're in debt and have to cut benefits, that just makes no sense. Unless what you're doing is part of a much bigger plan and that's what's going on here.

You see, this is not about budgets. This is about busting up unions which are Democrat supporters and major contributors. This is about taking control of swing states like Florida, Indiana, Michigan and others where unions can mean the difference between a Republican victory or defeat. In the long run, when you see all of the states that are facing similar "crises", they're almost all ones where presidential elections hang in the balance. It's a power grab to make sure Republicans get back into control nationally and stay there.

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