Friday, August 17, 2012

Banned from Facebook for speaking out about rape?

A fan sent this to us. Apparently you can make nasty jokes about raping people, threaten to rape someone or post photos of a woman passed out drunk saying "she asked for it".

However, God forbid you post a status or comment such as this, which earned them a Facebook ban, simply because someone felt some type of warped outrage that someone would try to stop it.

And Mark Zuckerberg is wondering why his stocks continue to tumble.


  1. It's a well thought out letter. This isn't offensive! Facebook obviously doesn't review what they ban. Thank you to your fan for attempting to bring awareness to a problem that unfortunately is a real issue in our world. Shame on Facebook!!

  2. There is no human reviewing it when a post is reported, and all it takes is one click to report.