Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Update 8/7/2012

We will be sporadically online until this attack dies off. We believe we know who is behind it although we will not be releasing the details just yet. In the meantime, feel free to leave comments here. We miss all of you and plan on being back soon.

Whiskey and admins


  1. I left this on your facebook: Is FB censoring you? They have been doing that alot.
    Please consider drawing up a petition for everyone to sign. We are sick of their censoring us and leaving RW treason and sedition up!

    The are censoring the MM groups too. They did a petition and we who support them put a twibbon on our profiles.
    This is all calculated. They leave the anti-Obama comments on Sarah Palins idiot page although its been reported many times.

  2. This is very likely an attack from another "progressive" site that I publicly called out for taking our work and claiming it as their own. I have all of the information on them, and will release it once I have confirmed it truly is them.

    1. I'm sorry this has happened.
      I have heard of this from another progressive site got "content stolen" don't know if its the same peeps but it probably is. They couldn't get a hold of the guy, hides behind internet anonymity. If it the same site, they do it to a lot of sites and claim as theirs. Sad people have to do that.

  3. Crystal, it is probably the same people. Can you email me with your suspect? If it is the same person, I have their information.

  4. Crystal, I haven't seen it yet. Did you send it WATMAB at gmail?