Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fried chicken, watermelons and racism

So...I recently received this piece of rather blatant racially-charged, stereotypical, election year crap that was supposed to double as a joke:

"When devastating hurricanes struck the Gulf Coast , even
houses of worship were not spared.

A local television station interviewed a woman from New
Orleans and asked how the loss of churches in the area had
affected their lives.

Without hesitation, the woman replied, "I don't know 'bout
all those other people, but we haven't gone to Churches in
years. We get our chicken from Popeye's."

The look on the interviewer's face was priceless.
They live among us, AND THEY VOTE.

Now do you understand how we got our president?"

Now, I may have accidentally hit the "reply all" button when replying to this ridiculous "joke", but that's another story altogether. Instead, let's talk about how incredibly dumb this thinly veiled piece of race-baiting crap is.

First, Louisiana tends to swing heavily Republican in elections even though the difference between Democrats and Republicans in this state is barely noticeable. Switching parties is done for election advantages, and rarely for any type of ideological conversion.

Second, while the "joke" never mentions a race, it uses New Orleans and Katrina to frame the story and the common memory of the hurricane's victims recollects the poor black population huddled on rooftops or in the Super Dome. That is what most people from outside of Louisiana think of when they think back to that storm.

Third, the use of fried chicken is often used in the "wink wink, nudge nudge" reference to mean black folks in a conversation without actually saying "black folks". Fried chicken can also be swapped for watermelons, malt liquor, Kool-Aid, grape soda or any other product that is stereotypically linked to people who aren't Caucasian.

Fourth, everyone knows that Church's Chicken is better than Popeye's. I prefer Popeye's biscuits, but Church's has better chicken. This makes me think the person who originally made this piece of propaganda must have been a Yankee who knows nothing about working class Southerners who like watermelon, fried chicken, etc.

Finally, the overall irony of this "joke" is that it is supposed to infer that Obama only got elected because of poor, ignorant minorities who don't go to church. However, I would venture to guess that statistically, in the South, the very people this "joke" is mocking tend to go to church more than the "white and right" people it is pandering to.

Just expect to see plenty more of this crap up to the November elections. They're getting desperate.


  1. Exactly. Which is why, even though I agree with some conservative ideas, I will always vote Democrat. They are just nicer people.

  2. When I see or hear stuff like this supposed joke it makes me wonder how desperate they (meaning the right) are getting.

  3. This sounds like something that the rednecks that live around my mom's place would say. My niece is 17 and goes to a predominately white school, out in Redneckville, TN. Her family is up the Baptist church's ass and did the "Christian" thing by "adopting" a girl for Christmas. Basically, the Sunday school class bought this girl, whose father is in jail, presents. Great, money where your mouth is...check. Spend money on someone else that you don't know or gain personally from the action, check!

    Then, this poor child, undoubtedly parroting something out of her parents' mouths or something she heard at school said in front of everyone at Christmas dinner, "We bought her clothes, but I doubt they were flashy enough for her....>cue stage whisper< because she is black."

    I raised an eye brow and said, "Oh really?"

    Gag. Her family is full of sanctimonious prigs that "pity" people that are different from them. And the poor girl uses terrible text grammar when writing, yet is a top student in her class. Tn public school system at work. They would have been the first to forward this "joke" along.

  4. Church's may have better chicken, but Popeye's has red beans and rice. Just saying.

    1. Popeye's has better chicken, too, and that's just the beginning. Of course you really need to go to Popeye's IN LOUISIANA to get the full effect.

  5. Popeye's has the best spicy chicken sandwich in the world.

  6. The thing is, people vote for who they believe is going to help them it is very telling that poor people who are constantly discriminated against should vote for the party the promises less of what they are mired in...and folks, THAT SURE ISN'T REPUBLICANS!

  7. Wow. Just. Wow. The Republitards are getting more and more brazen with the bigotry, aren't they?

  8. I watched "A BURNING in MISSISSIPPI" today. about the racial tension and integration in the south in the 60's and it's amazing (and shameful) at how little some things have changed in that part of the country. This may have been intended as a joke but I don't see it that way. a great deal of that bigotry and racism still exists. Personally I'm more afraid of the republicans in the white house than I am of the blacks almost anywhere! I hope every last person of color and especially every woman comes out and votes for Obama!!

  9. I'm not American but I follow the US elections closely, because whatever happens, we will have to sort of support whoever you will elect. How can anyone really think of electing that Romney git is beyond me.

    In Europe, we really like Obama. He is a kind hearted man who has the interest of his people at heart. Whereas the Romney guy is such an arrogant, ignorant twat!

    Romney is more dangerous than Bush. He seems reckless. Not an ounce of diplomacy within him.

    We dont want to have to support yet another war. And with the Romney guy, you can bet that he will not hesitate to step up against certain countries in the middle east.

    We want peace, we want respect, we want OBAMA!

    1. I wish we (US) had more people that think like you. We're currently being overrun with bible thumping retards. Radical christians scare me more than radical muslims.

      And btw Popeye's >Church's any day.

    2. Yeah dont forget Russia Mitt keeps reminding us....

  10. Well since I have been commenting on certain fb post, about the guy who put up the sign telling the president to do him!! Gross! I have gotten some horrible messages via fb. Someone went as far as calling me a dumb nigga! I leave in the south. Not by choice. Husband military.. so i am not surprise by anything anymore.

    1. Hey you need to disable comments except for one should have to put up with that!

  11. It seems to me that those who so fiercely oppose Obama so so with an almost unbelievable amount of hatred. I don't know where it comes from or why it exists, if it is race or something else. I truly don't know. However I can see it plain as day and it is very sad because there is no sane explanation of this "Hatred" that people have, and they are using the worst methods to paint him out to be the worst president in history, a marxist, a communist, the anti-christ, when he tried to pass a health care bill to make health care available to all Americans (which was later gutted almost completely line by line by republicans), when he tried to pass a jobs bill which would have created a large number of jobs (which was blocked by the republican congress) and so on and so on.

    1. Wish he would use the GOP Convention time to start making a few important appointments! His ratings jump through the roof every time he does plus it would rob Romney/Ryan of their (temporary) ratings bump.

      The only thing I would change in his 2nd term is to take out Mr Obama's Consensus Chip because he's way too concerned with bipartisan decisions. Its sad to watch the entire GOP turn into these rabid animals spouting all kinds of filth that don't even make sense most of the time.

      President Obama is and will continue to be the Best President we've ever had, making it easy to take back a Democratic majority and get some shit done!

  12. Now you know why I do not go to "church." Those whitey-filled entertainment centers are filled with people who spout out this crap, all while being "christian."
    I always tell them the same God who made you also made the blacks, Mexicans, Orientals and yes, the Muslims.
    The looks on their faces is PRICELESS.