Tuesday, June 5, 2012

There is no Messiah

For the whiny ass "liberals" who sit on the sidelines, wringing their hands about "nastiness" in politics and "not wanting to stoop to their level", how far has that gotten you?

Remember the history books, the Jews who sat in the ghetto and just assumed that some Messiah would come along and deliver them from the Gestapo? How well did that work out for them? Who survived better, those who got into the railroad cars, or those who were defiant and fought back?

Many of my relatives, the intellectuals, the socialists, and the pacifists...They thought it best to find a way to try to reason with fascism. They reasoned all the way to the showers, and the ovens.

We've gone past the point of reason. This isn't getting turned back by Facebook posts and petitions. Stop trying to reason with fascists. For intellectuals who have "learned from history", you haven't learned jack shit.

The time has come to get off the sidelines, take off the kid gloves and put on your big boy or girl pants and fight back. Stop thinking that reason will beat fraud, manipulation or brute force. Our time is now, which side are you on?


  1. Don't know if this opinion of mine will fly with you I am frankly pissed off at the Occupy crowd. I understood when cold weather set in they had to pull back but with it almost summer I have not heard a word about renewing the push again the right-wing.

    What little I have heard from left-wing activists consists of them being all pissed off at Obama for not solving their own pet issues.

    One guy I know rather well published a post over at a very progressive blog call Round Tree 7 whining because Obama did not somehow stop new Israeli settlements in the West Bank. I support Obama, for what its worth, but never was delusional enough to think he was a Messiah.

    1. Actually Ocuupy is still working. they're just not getting press coverage

  2. The Paulbots tried to co-opt Occupy. I visited my local Occupy camp a few times, but not once did I meet anyone who had any idea how to get from where we are to where we need to be.

    The City has evicted Occupy Louisville.

    And nothing has changed.

  3. ...but not once did I meet anyone who had any idea how to get from where we are to where we need to be.

    That's a big Fucking A dude! The ones I have conversed with on the internet and the very few in person have some very weird idea about this many diverse voices thing and scorn the idea of a organized movement.

    I'm cool with the Occupy movement having a big umbrella but as long as they keep their current very loose framework with no organization they will be a laughing stock.

    We're screwed.

  4. i am a pacifist myself, but i must say you are right! Brute bullies just take right over everything, it doesn't matter what it involves or what they stand for. When someone hates you, they hate you and that's it. But I have to ask, what would you have us do exactly? Pick up guns like the right wing do and start threatening them? During the haulocost, EVERY Jewish person got killed, even the ones who fought back.--Jill

  5. AGREED. But there are many moderates and middle of the roadsters who are pretty disgusted by the radical evolution of the republican party. We need to reach out to these people: Republicans for Obama and other FB sites need our support. That's what will decide this. Oh. And money. LOTS of goddam money...