Friday, January 6, 2012

The 1% kills the goose that laid the golden egg

The reasoning of the 1% for all this time is that they can shit on the rest of us freely, without consequences, without fear that one day we would finally figure out their games. This is why we're dependent on foreign oil, on cheap goods from China via Walmart, and mindless entertainment to keep us numb.

It is a comfortably numb life for those who've taken the blue pill and shop at Walmart. As long as you can buy that frozen pizza, a case of cheap beer, a bucket of fried chicken and the latest shitty blockbuster on DVD, all is well in your little world. Until it comes crashing down...

Suddenly you can't afford this things once you've been let go from the job you've held for years, even though you haven't had a raise since 2007. "We just can't afford pay raises or better insurance until the economy improves" said the boss as he drives off in his Lexus, and you drive off in that old pickup truck that has leaked oil for the last 4 years. They like to make the "shared sacrifice" speech to justify slashing benefits and freezing pay, while they continue to make profits on their stock options.

It isn't "shared sacrifice" any more when we have to choose between taking our kids to the doctor or putting gas in our vehicles to make it to work for another week. It isn't a "free market" when banks take bets on bad debts and get bailed out, but us working class folks are foreclosed on because we fell behind on the house payments.

The 1%, Wall Street and the banks have decided to kill the goose that laid the golden egg, us the middle and working class. I guess they figured that maybe they had enough money amongst them all to make a living trading back and forth. The thing is, they've forgotten who fights their wars, removes their garbage and teaches their kids. They've forgotten who buys their products, patrols their streets, services their vehicles and delivers their mail. They've forgotten that the prosperity of decades past wasn't due to the nation's riches being in the hands of a few, but in the hands of many.

We aren't asking for the super-rich to give up everything they have and resign themselves to a life of poverty in a monastery or living in an Occupy community. What we are asking them to do is to remember that without us, they have nothing, and without their greed, we'd have a whole lot more.

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