Thursday, January 5, 2012

The religious right gets "Santorumed" by the 1%

For many years now, there's been an unholy alliance between the religious right and the corporate GOP. The corporate wing has always promised some type of restriction on abortion, keeping gay rights from happening or expressing support for Israel. The only thing the corporate GOP really supports is Israel and constant war. Why? It is constant profit for them. While members of the religious right continue to believe that the next conflict in the Middle East will bring back the return of Christ, they continue to donate their money and children to this cause like the fools that they are. Much like a Nigerian 419 scammer, the corporate GOP continues to promise the religious right that the return of Christ, the end of abortion and other promises will come soon, just one more payment, just one more election.

They haven't really done much for the American Taliban, aka the Religious Right. Perhaps they've realized that and run the likes of Santorum and Bachmann this time around although one won't win and the other has dropped out. Yet, as I've said before, these aren't people who can't be reasoned with. They firmly believe that it is their mission from God to force their twisted little beliefs on everyone else, through whatever means necessary, whether it be the pen, the keyboard, the Bible or multiple 5.56mm rounds.

This explains the popularity of politicians like Santorum in Iowa, South Carolina and other "Bible Belt" states where they have learned about him through their pastors instead of Googling him. This ignorance would be funny, if it wasn't also so very dangerous.

All this time, they've been used by the 1% as useful idiots, as promised votes for the agenda for the 1%. Yet, the 1% doesn't want abortion outlawed. What else would they do when their daughter is date-raped after her first keg-stand in college? The 1% doesn't want anti-sodomy laws. What would they be sentenced to after being caught getting frothy with the pool boy?

So I pose this question to the likes of Pat Robertson, James Dobson and the rest of them, how does it feel to be the "power bottom"?

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  1. I am a retired Baptist pastor who, unlike most Caucasian Baptist pastors, have political and economic views that are considerably left of center. At the last church I pastored, I had a member who was one of the most conservative members of the House of Representatives. Since the Republicans had a majority in Congress at the time, I asked him why they did not seriously try to pass a constitutional amendment outlawing abortion. He was a fiscal, not a social conservative, but his constituents did not know that because he knew better than to let it be known. But he confided in me that the Republicans would never outlaw abortion because if they did so there would be no reason for the Christian Right to continue to support them.