Thursday, January 20, 2011

Upgrade changes at Sprint and Verizon

It seems that both Sprint and Verizon have changed their subsidized phone policies going forward. Here's what you need to know for Sprint since I have experience with them. There will be two tiers and this is from their site.

Sprint Premier Gold

What You Get: One upgrade per year per account. (main line)

Qualifications: 1). Individual plan that has a 3 month average of $89.99, 2) Family plan that has a 3 month average of $169.99, or 3) 10+ year customer

Sprint Premier Silver

What You Get: Upgrades every two years under the Sprint standard "New For You" program. (annual upgrade benefits will not be grandfathered to customers already in premier program)

Qualifications: 1). Individual plan with a 3 month average of $69.99- $89.98, 2). Family plan with a 3 month average of $99.99-$169.98.

What Is Staying The Same:

1). 25% discount off of two accessories
2). First To Buy Occasion
3). Anniversary Thank You Letter (choice of $5 bill credit or 75 bonus minutes 
4). Just Because Perks
This is it basically, if you have a current plan or you have been with them over 10 years, you'll continue to get the good deals. However, if you've been with them less than 10 years and/or you have a cheap plan, no more subsidized phones for you.

US cellular customers have become accustomed to subsidized phones which are given to them for a fraction of the device's actual cost in exchange for a 2 year contract instead of paying full price like what is done in many other countries. Prepaid is the wave of the future unless you feel like shelling out 90 dollars a month or more with Sprint. Looks like I need to go ahead and get one last subsidized phone before the gravy train ends on April 1st. That is April Fools isn't it?

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