Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The great corporate 419 scam

You know how it goes, you get that email in your inbox from a Nigerian prince who needs you to help him move millions or billions of dollars of "inheritance" out of the country and for it, he'll give you a portion. Most people automatically delete it from their email boxes but what if I told you so many people fall for this every single day but from a different source?

Right now we have corporate lobbyists pushing for repealing health care reform, removing regulations, and cutting taxes saying that these will help create jobs but that is really a bogus argument. In all actuality, they want to make the cost of business as low as possible, period. Only until the average American worker is willing to work for less than a couple dollars an hour, without any government or union protection, will jobs flow back here rather than continuously off in the never-ending race to the bottom of the wage market. If there was a way to get slave labor, they would be using it right now.

Just like the scammer sitting in some cybercafe in Lagos, Ghana or Benin, they have no intention of ever giving anything back because their intent is to take and take until there is nothing left for us to give, then demand more.

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  1. My real life experience is that companies will always try to get the lowest wages possible, at whatever cost. Sprint was a prime example and in an economy where there are 10 candidates or more for every job opening, companies will always take the lowest bidder.