Monday, January 10, 2011

Everyone, just knock it off

Yes, everyone. Just stop demonizing your political and ideological opponents. Don't want to accept responsibility for your previous actions? Fine, instead of playing the blame game, just shut the hell up and stop trying to point fingers at your opponents like little kids. "He did it first", "she said a naughtier word", etc. Holy Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! What are you, 4 years old?


  1. Just a few links for some balance...!

  2. Link 1...where did that come from? It is definitely not cool and you can tell that person knows nothing about guns. Righthanded aim with a lefthanded rifle but I'd still like to know which site it came from and the context in which it was used. My guess is an ecofreak.

    Link 2...Madonna. Influential. Threat of asskicking not quite the same as threats of death but still, not cool.

    Link influence that I can think of.

    Link 4...Never heard of the guy.

    Keep the links coming. I'm all for an honest discussion of the issue.