Thursday, January 6, 2011

Looks like Sprint paid attention

From what I have been able to gather, perhaps finally some people at Sprint have paid attention. Emails, reports and other attempts on the inside to fix the corruption and incompetence apparently are not as effective as information posted on the Internet for all to see. I guess when it is done from the inside, there are enough people above you that can block the information from getting to the right people but on the net, the info is there and anyone can see it. Perhaps public embarrassment had something to do with this or maybe people finally realized the jig was up, we will probably never know.

According to the letter I posted last month and this link, Sprint has been auditing accounts and pulling corporate discounts from individuals who are not entitled to them such as those who don't really work for JPMorgan or those who have plans like SERO which are not supposed to be discounted in the first place. It is truly a shame that a really good brand has been held back by idiots and thieves. As much as I have criticized this company, I am a loyal customer who gets a great deal and never plan on leaving.

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