Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winking at the monster

Despite all signs pointing to the Arizona shooter as not being truly politically motivated and more of a mental case than anything else, this incident has set in motion a truly epic debate on the state of our political climate and the rhetoric that has been allowed.

Perhaps only in our current state does a half-term governor unknown to the general populace prior to causing crushing defeat for her running mate and a recovering alcoholic that specializes in fear generation somehow become the unofficial spokespersons for a political party. I refuse to believe that they are the true face of the GOP. Instead, they have learned to flame the fires of paranoia and mistrust in the ranks of the party for their own financial gain. Neither of them would consider running for a national office because they know they would lose and lose hard. By preaching an apocalyptic message on a boogeyman idea that our president is a foreign born racist who wants to take away people's guns, money and religion, they have made for themselves a very tidy little living.

In today's statement, Caribou Barbie created yet another completely intentional firestorm by using the term "blood libel", all in another attempt not to discuss the tragedy or convey sympathies to those affected but to once again pull the spotlight back to herself.

Their message is nothing about patriotism and everything about personal gain.


  1. The only reason that this is now news is because there are people that want to trip her so that they can mock her for falling. In all seriousness, the more the left does exactly this sort of thing, the more popular she becomes. The reason is that about 60% of people don't buy the story that the left is trying to create including many Democrats. There is a hurricane level blow back coming for this unwise idea. Count on it.

  2. Dude, the President at the Pep Rally said that political rhetoric had nothing to do with the shootings... is he lying now?

  3. Read my first paragraph, this is not about the shooting any more. This is about people using fearmongering to gain money and influence. If you didn't get to look at my link on what Scarborough said, go ahead and check it out.