Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don't save Flipper

Here's my question of the day. What is up with the tree-huggers and supporting things like saving habitat for dolphins and manatees? Sure, maybe they need our protection but there's many other species in far greater danger yet you'll never see those make it onto an Animal Planet special.

So why do manatees and dolphins get all the attention of the people who are so eager to share with us how much they care about the sea creatures? Simple answer. Because they're cute and cuddly and it'll probably get them laid. I'm talking about the same mindset of kids who sit in the bar and order PBR because "it's working class", when they've never worked a job that required sweating in a pair of overalls or asking someone if they "want fries with that". You'll never see the Volvo-driving, tofu eating kids supporting protection for things like the toadfish. Why? Because there's nothing sexy about a toadfish which has all the beauty of childhood nightmare monster.

Now, I'm not saying there's not good and caring people out there that are working daily on conservation, not at all. Those people are in hip waders in a swamp in Louisiana, looking at oil spill samples in a lab in Georgia or building new fish habitats in Florida. You're not likely to see them on some feel good show with cuddly animal, but you will see them on "Dirty Jobs" with Mike Rowe. Those are the real people. Remember, "liking" something like "save the manatees" on Facebook doesn't make you a real conservationist any more than putting a "Support the Troops" sticker on your car makes you a patriot.

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  1. Once again I find a place of agreement with you. I have problems with all of the wanna be conscious. Most are merely bandwagon types who have little clue about the real issues of life. Once, my wife was approached by a member of her staff that was in tears. She was so upset because she had just read that the "Gorillas" in Iraq were being used in suicide bombing attacks. All of the while the poor Guerillas got no credit from her. Simplistic thinking to say the least, but she had did her part by loving gorillas. Hey they are part of nature after all. Ironically enough the most effective conservation groups are also the most hated by the wanna bes... Hunters and Fishermen. They do their best to limit our access, when funny enough we are the first to fight against poachers and apply our own Peer Pressure on people that snub legit limits.