Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A woman is like a fish

I decided to dig out an old poem I wrote and post it up since I am incapable of writing anything profound or even close to interesting today. Enjoy.

"A woman is like a fish,
because you will always talk,
when the subject comes up
(as you know it will)
about the one that got away,
just like all fishermen and lovers do
and you will always keep trying
to land one greater
and you will always find yourself
straining to see her
in the melancholy eyes
of timid store clerks
and uncertain artists
that stab indecisively
with gazelle-like arms at
canvasses larger than
their diminutive egos.

And you will spend
days and years or
more likely, a lifetime
just like all great fishermen and writers do
in constantly expressing
that feeling of loss while
searching for words and metaphors to
describe that never-ending
need to sleep next to someone
who will remind you of her but
never will never quite be her because
there is only one
catch of a lifetime.”

Copyright 2005

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