Saturday, November 13, 2010

Punk rock at 30

At some point or another, we go from manic, desiring everything all at once, to something perhaps a bit more controlled, focused even. This is what I was trying to get a grasp on the other day, hammering out ideas over a chat session with my friend Jonny. Is it maturity? Is that what we tell ourselves when we stop trying to push our bodies to the limit. You know those nights when you'd stay up until 5am, go to work on little or no sleep, working on a leftover liquor buzz and perhaps last night's lipstick mark still on the shirt you never changed out of. Maybe it's trying to get quality moments now instead of quantity, a more focused approach. Is this how we play off getting old. I like to think I can still hang with college kids but the fact of the matter is I start getting tired around midnight and want to go to bed. Let's call it experience, not maturity. You can only wake up to the sensation of your skull feeling like it's in a vise so many times before you learn to pull back the throttle a bit. All you can drink beer night is no longer a situation to prove your tolerance in and instead, it becomes a chance for you to watch the stupidity of those who are now the same age you once were. "Was I really that bad?" you might ask yourself and then try to explain it away. "No way man, kids these days are much worse" you tell your friends.

We just sit back, take another sip on our import beer. It's quality now man, not quantity. At some point you realize that it's better to try to enjoy the moment and be able to remember it. Catalog it into your brain so you'll look back on it all, as you know you will when you're older. Be here now, in this moment, turn the music up just a little and savor it like a fine stout.

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