Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Nigerian scammer gets scammed

This is a "safari" I had the pleasure of running a couple years back when I was baiting West African "419" scams. It is a long thread so I will give you the highlights of it. This was a scammer, calling himself "Dan Nkwerre", who sent me an email in November 2008. He claimed to be the founder of a charity helping those displaced by the Darfur crisis.

As you may be able to tell from my work, I have always had a disgust with those who commit fraud and take advantage of others but charity scammers are the ones I hate the most.

So, what better punishment for this guy than to send him to the very place he pretended to be based? You guessed it, the border of Chad and Sudan. A hot, miserable and dusty little town called Abeche which is a few dozen kilometers from the border and certainly in harm's way.

After a couple of weeks where money we were "trying" so hard to transfer to him mysteriously disappeared or got intercepted on it's way to Nigeria, we finally convinced him to meet our fake missionary in December 2008. Unfortunately we could not get him to stay for 100 days or more which was our original goal which would have beaten the record for stranding a scammer in that region.

The story on the one guy is from pages 1 through 31 on this link. Enjoy the pictures we got them to pose for, like this one.

Or the phony certificates we like to have them make and waste their time on:

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