Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I don't need you to help me choose a side

I refuse to believe in this idea that there is a choice of being “right” or “left” and nothing else. Why are there only two options and who said we had to pick anything to begin with? Who said we had to make a choice? Why to do we have to put on a label and decide on a team anyhow? I don’t recall wanting to decide that I would have to don one of two cloaks, neither of which really fit me and shun those who don’t believe the same as I do; nor did I ever vote on a new statute that says I would align my thoughts with the mantra of one political fringe or another.

I’m a supporter of gay rights that loves to shoot guns and sometimes carries one for protection. I believe in the legalization of marijuana and support the death penalty. I oppose abortion in most cases but don’t accept that life begins when a sperm meets an egg and think that the religious right (especially Catholics) shares equal blame for unwanted pregnancies. I believe in unions but only to a certain extent and that with great wealth comes great responsibility. I support the ideals of fair trade, the freedom of the individual and my personal philosophy is that the government should be there to protect us from each other, not ourselves. I refuse to use politically correct, sensitive terms like “handy-capable” or “differently-abled” for people who have some type of handicap.
My views swing from left to right to libertarian to many other labels, depending on the issue. To accept the notion that we have to “choose a side” not only speaks volumes about one’s lack of a spine but also is indicative of our inability as a society to think for ourselves. When that happens, we end up going down the same road as 1930’s Germany, regardless of what political faction you decide to turn your brain over to.

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  1. Flipping through some of your old stuff and came across this: I can not speak for all people who are oft refereed to by politically correct terms, people with mental disorders, but..I mean as long as you don't say "Oh that guy's retarded" I don't particularly care if you you say "a bit off" or whatever you feel like.
    I don't really get the tip-toeing around words, for worry of insulting someone. Personally, if someone thinks me being Schizoaffective is a big enough deal that they need to go out of the way not to hurt my feelings, then the fact that they think I am THAT sensitive is more of an insult than most words.
    Basically, I think that there needs to be a line between overly politically correct, which can be more insulting than using a non-politically correct term, and being a jackass. I mean if you look at someone who is talking to them self, and let them know that you think they're crazy, then you're an ass. but if you just treat us like you treat each other, we don't need any special treatment. We don't need kid gloves. I mean all I need is some lithium and a muffin, and I am good to go, you calling me "special" or "fucking crazy" Isn't going to change that.
    Sorry for the wall o' text,