Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I believe

I believe in punk rock, I believe in skinhead reggae, the frenzied and fraternal mosh pit and everything else that makes sense with a few beers and good music. I believe in evenings turning into nights turning into the wee hours of the morning with pint after pint and conversation with like-minded souls. I believe in fending for yourself yet knowing that you have people at your back should it ever get to be more than your wits and steeltoed boots can handle. 

I sometimes like my women slightly large, my whiskey on the rocks, my music often loud and I like running through the night desiring and pursuing everything that makes sense until I finally run into the brick wall or the dawn. I love the company of the intellectuals, the dreamers, the tattooed and everyone else who refuses to accept the life less ordinary. The highs are unbelievably high and the lows are sometimes crushingly low but this is life with all of its joys and pain. I wouldn’t trade this for anything.