Thursday, December 9, 2010

A political game of chicken

Perhaps people need to feel the pain of taxes going up. Maybe only then will they realize that for all of the things the government spends money on, there is a price to pay. Aircraft carriers, jet fighters, Medicare, infrastructure, public transportation, college educations, tax subsidies and law enforcement are all just a few things that our tax dollars go towards but all are sacred cows that it would be political suicide to touch. Those on the right who talk about entitlement programs seem to dwell on the subject but rarely actually act on it, knowing that huge parts of their constituency are retirees and corporate interests which depend on many of the very programs they vilify.

Everyone wants services, subsidies, breaks and for the government to enforce laws and regulations they personally believe in but few actually want to accept the bill that we would have to pay in order to accomplish these actions. We simply cannot keep putting it on the credit card and making the minimum payment as we did as consumers for decades. Granted, the government has a larger line of credit than any of us could ever hope to have but eventually, the payments become overwhelming for anyone who continues to spend even as their income declines. There is no other way to spin the fact that our country is headed towards the economic cliff while partisan politics are involved in a giant game of chicken. The problem is, it’s not just one group of politicians or both that’ll end up going over; it will be all of us.


  1. OK fine. Let's raise taxes. On every one. EVERY ONE. I am tired of the political class envy game of the left. Equality is what they want then a Flat Tax would handle it. Or even better a consumption tax. This would get even the drug dealers contributing. I am sick of folks griping about the rich not paying their share. Who the heck do people think carry most of the cost? I have a family member who made less than 10K in the work force this year and will get about 8K in a tax return. Dude that is wealth redistribution. Make every one pay the same percentage and then let's see who gets what vote.

  2. So riddle me this...Will that family member give back to the government what they believed they should have honestly paid out of principle or will they spend the money on a new kayak?

  3. This family member has four kids. He will not buy a kayak, but rather a new tv, computer, toys etc. Nothing that will bring his kids to a higher level. The family member that I am speaking about has few principles, other than some one owes him something. See, he is the PRODUCT OF GOVERNMENT HAND OUTS. He has come to think that we are here to subsidize his lifestyle of no ambition. Jealousy is his only character trait. He is jealous of those who have, just like the rest of the Class Warfare leftists. But this little piece of white trash thinks that he is not like those folks, but I say that if the shoe fits... A redneck, but a commie at heart with out even knowing it.