Sunday, December 12, 2010

How Sprint loses millions monthly (Part 3) RIP Nextel

Got your attention? Next we will talk about Nextel, a once thriving (or so it seemed) company, now planned for phase out in 2013. Similar shenanigans went on there, much like Sprint. Stay tuned, we'll have the story for you in a couple days.


  1. Can we say "Strategic Cancel" and "Pending Retention", but not really canceled and left on the books for years as a means to deflate churn?

    For those not sure what a Strategic Cancel is, they simply shut the line down and remove any revenue impacts and restrict the line as it is not being used, but because it was not technically canceled in the NCI/NPI system they were not required to report it. This happened mainly on government and corporate accounts.

    Also don't forget "Data Only" rate plans, with a data block added, because the plan was $0.00. No revenue, no bill, no cancel. MANY saves made with that one!

  2. Which is how NCI/NPI managed to get more money for the company upon sale to Sprint by keeping thousands, if not millions of subscribers on life support so to speak. Now that killed Sprint's stock and I, among others, lost alot of money on our investments.