Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Today's tech tip. Did you know that with most data capable phones you can use a feature called PDANet which allows to connect your computer to the internet via the USB hookup on your phone? Most carriers frown upon this but PDANet makes it pretty much impossible for them to distinguish the difference between this data usage and what you would normally use on your phone. Just make sure you have a data plan on your phone first, otherwise you'd probably run up some nasty little charges.

PDANet allows you a trial offer after which if you do not buy the service for the one time low fee, you can still use the app, you just can't access https:// (secure) sites like Gmail or anything else that requires you to log in securely. Also, it also has an SMS agent which allows you to view and reply to text messages while connected much like a instant messenger chat window. It's what I use from home although I am thinking of switching to AT&T because of how lousy Sprint reception is indoors where I live.

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