Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Prayer is not going to fix it

Dear members of the religious right and others who oppose abortion, get your head out of your ass and listen to this one. Recently I read an article in some local paper asking people to "pray for an end to abortion". Hey, that's a nice idea and while I would love to one day live in a society where abortion is no longer a medical procedure, I'd also like to get to that point by it no longer being needed, not because it was prohibited. Prayer is all fine and dandy but after praying for something to be stopped and it has been almost 40 years since it was legalized, might want to change your tactics, just saying.

I have a better idea. How about instead of praying for some type of divine intervention, how about subscribing to the "God helps those who help themselves" school of thought. No, I'm not talking to those whackjobs who think picking up a gun is somehow going to solve things. How about this idea? Instead of waiting for something to miraculously happen, how about curing the cause instead of lamenting the symptoms over and over again?

Electing "conservative" politicians who offer token legislation in exchange for votes is not going to fix the problem either. If you want to eliminate abortion as we know it, here's what I propose. First of all, not everyone is going to subscribe to your way of thinking and believing. "Abstinence only" education is not going to keep people from trying to fulfill their biological instincts. Try accepting the fact that while your way of viewing the world and human sexuality may work for you, it is not going to work for everyone else and then work from there. Once you've got to that point, let's get to the second part. While you may believe that sex outside of marriage is a sin, it is safe to say that very likely most of the people who are showing up at abortion clinics don't share that same view or it was overlooked when conception took place. To try to get people to see things as a sin order to stop another sin does not work, especially when it allows the issue to continue on while you are attempting to convince people to share your worldview. Also, get rid of the whole idea that by teaching safe sex practices you are enabling irresponsible and "sinful" behavior. Which is worse to you, someone having sex outside of marriage and not having a child or someone having sex outside of marriage and then having an abortion as a result?

By supporting no other options to avoid pregnancy other than not having sex, you are in fact contributing to the very travesty you are trying to stop. Stop and think about that for just a little while.


  1. While I find your crass tone about the beliefs of others obnoxious I do hear and partially agree with some of the meat of this. First there is no place in the Bible that says God helps those that help them selves. Sounds like a nice idea, but it just isn't Biblical.

    OK for the rest. One of the things that I have always had an issue with Religion was the notion that folks just HAD to agree with them. That has always influenced how I talked to people about God.

    The abortion issue is indeed difficult. It is fighting against human nature in the biological sense. The other side fights against common sense. I have often heard atheists say that morality does not come from an outside entity, but how then do we get to the point of not caring enough about life to kill an unborn child? We then have to go through the mental dishonesty to speak the words that it is not a life while in the womb.

    I think that we should start a debate about abortion in a more logical place. Let's start with these premises...

    Preaching abstinence only doesn't work.
    Leaving it out as an option doesn't work.
    Irresponsible sex lives often leads to horrible parents.
    Abortion is taking a life.
    There are huge emotional consequences for the mother if she chooses abortion. The guilt may never go away for some people.
    There is a biological need to reproduce that drives people to sex in the first place. Stopping there does address it all. The biological need to bring forth offspring will drive the mother to extremes in emotions. Taking that baby out of the womb is not with out consequences.
    Mocking the faith of those that you disagree with will only drive legit answers off of the table.

    A return to morality is obviously part of the answer.
    Quick and legal adoption has to be part of the answer.
    Sterilizing the chronic users of this procedure may need to be on the table. That is the only true prevention, but how cold and unfeeling is that?

    Taking the red herring arguments of, "What about rape and incest?"off of the table. They are statistically invalid.

    It all really boils down to teaching accountability and responsibility. Those that make illegitimate children MUST be held financially responsible, even if the mother doesn't need it.

    It is about the consequences. Make them a big enough of a deal and behavior will "magically" modify some.

  2. Ya know, there are plenty of women who don't suffer from an ounce of guilt after having an abortion. Also, having worked with girls impregnated by family members, I find your comment of them being "statistically invalid" revolting. Also, helping those who help themselves is biblical. The whole story of Jesus teaching to fish rather than just feeding the masses? I think I need a shot of whiskey after reading your comment.